Integrating Nutrition and Mental Health Counseling

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Nourishing the Whole Self


Our physical health is intimately connected with our mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s easier to sustain good health when life feels less stressful, and also to be our best selves when our bodies are not suffering. This is why at Integrative Nourishment, it just makes sense to treat both.

Using evidenced-based treatment methods, we identify biochemical imbalances and deficiencies and create a practical, individualized nutrition program that restores health in your body. At the same time, we provide counseling and support to heal old wounds, release limiting beliefs, transform negative behavior patterns, and strengthen emotional resilience.  Our goal is to help you achieve a healthy relationship with food, yourself, and your loved ones.

Using this integrative approach, we invite you on a personal journey to discover how best to nourish the whole you, so you can thrive in your body and in your life.