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Are you ready to end the war with your food and body?  Want a more loving, joyful, and sustainable path to getting the health you want?  Need compassionate, non-dogmatic guidance and group support in navigating your personal journey?

If so, we warmly invite you to join our group of open-minded and open-hearted women who are courageously exploring and practicing together a non-diet approach to happy, healthy living.

Participants are reporting:

  • Less emotional eating and more mindful, intuitive eating
  • Greater awareness, understanding, and empowerment around their relationship to food and body
  • Discovery of new choices and possibilities that bring greater peace and freedom
  • Letting go of life-long negative concepts about food and self that keep them stuck
  • Less guilt and struggle
  • Greater ease in making healthy, nourishing choices
  • Less negative self-talk and black-and-white thinking
  • Greater self-acceptance
  • Deep appreciation for the group process, which accelerates personal growth

We believe that people don’t fail diets, diets fail people. Why don’t diets work? Because they do not teach us what feeds and sustains us on the physical and deeply personal levels.

According to a review article done by UCLA in 2007, analyzing over 30 long-term studies (that’s following over 20,000 participants), one of the best predictors of weight gain was actually whether participants had gone on diets in the past year. Their conclusion: most people are better off not going on diets at all.  Without dieting, weight is more likely to remain stable, decreasing the bodily wear and tear of losing weight and gaining it back again.

This transformative Women’s Emotional Eating Workshop is an in-depth exploration into the psychology of eating and the conscious cultivation of a nourishing life. Together, we will help you master a way of eating and living that helps you to feel truly alive, resilient, and free.

Join us for this life-changing 5-week workshop and discover what mental, emotional and nutritional conditions enable you to thrive.

Workshops are led by Ying Yu.


WHEN:  To be announced — Like us on Facebook to learn about upcoming workshops!

COST: $325 or $300 for early or repeat registration (Insurance may cover).  Includes a copy of Nourishing Wisdom by Marc David and blank journal.

TO REGISTER:  Call (206) 683-8753